Introducing the Original TowTabs – a compact biodegradable Towel Tablet.
With a few drops of water TowTabs turn into an additive-free towelette.
Made of all-natural, biodegradable rayon fibre, TowTabs are ideal for personal hygiene.
Handy when traveling, around the house or while taking a hike!
Anytime, anywhere…
The TowTab is a small 2cm diameter "Tablet" that unfolds into an all-natural 25cm x 30cm towelette
with just a few drops of water.

Ideal for :
personal sanitation, emergency first aid, general clean ups, personal hygiene, tool & instrumentation cleaning.
TowTabs are proud to be different from the other disposable wipes on the market.
They are made from all-natural rayon product, which is derived from cellulose extracted from wood pulp.
This means that TowTabs are completely biodegradable, in as little as four to six weeks, with little to
no environmental impact when used with water alone.
TowTabs contain no harmful chemicals or dyes and can also be reused.
They are not sanitised or sterlized with any alcohol based chemicals, making them great for a
quick clean up of a superficial wound.
Advantages over tradtitional wet wipes:
TowTabs are :
No chemicals or dyes
100% biodegradable
Suitable for sensitive skin
No irritation eyes or open wounds.
No expiry date
Keep a roll handy in your glovebox, first aid kit, handbag, camping gear, tackle box.
You never know when you'll need one !!!
Handy when horseriding, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, canoeing, hunting, bowling, picnicing, gardening, just about anything. !!
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