Robwen Foam Units

Robwen is a US manufacture of Foam Proportioning systems.
Specifically the Flomix which is a bladder tank system.
The  Flowmix 500 (20Litre) systems are available in both. Built In (500B) and portable versions (500P)
These units are operated by the flow of water through the connected water line and require no additional power.
Tank refilling is via a 12 or 24 VDC transfer pump.
Proportioning rates are:
0.1% to 1.0 % @ 20 to 1800 litre per minute
3 % @ 600 litre per minute.
The Flo-mix 500 is a 20 litre capacity tank, however various sizes can be produced for the 500B and 500P options.
All Robwen foam products are automatic, discharge-side, mechanical systems powered only by the flow of water. The portable configuration is completely self-contained and ready to be put into service right out of the box as no installation is necessarily required.
The two primary applications for the portable are:
l. To be used as a true portable unit, placed in a hose lay remote from the apparatus.
2. To be used to convert existing apparatus to be foam capable without the expense of a full
The four primary components that make up the portable are: bladder tank, differential pressure valve, control panel, and the manual refill pump. As pump water enters the differential pressure valve a portion of it is diverted through the control panel and into the bladder tank where it pressurizes the bladder. Foam then exits the bladder and passes back through the control panel and specifically the metering valve where the precise proportioning occurs. Accurate foam then passes to the low pressure side of the differential pressure valve and begins to mix with the water stream.
The portable unit features simple controls for flushing, draining, and for bypassing foam when plain water is required.
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